NEW Album “Spectral”

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“SPECTRAL” is out Now

We are thrilled to announce that our 2nd Album is out now. It has been a tough year of composing, arranging, tweaking sounds and finally recording and mixing the beast. What has emerged from that intense and inspiring work is a colorful, huge and pushing record that definitely wants to be heard now!


“Cats & Breakkies- der Pinot Noir der elektronischen Musik

- Trotzdem hört sich ihr Sound bei geschlossenen Augen an wie eine Big Band aus dem Jahr 2140 - dynamisch, heissblütig und charaktervoll… Das erinnert doch an einen dunkelroten Pinot Noir aus dem Bündernland. Und etwas, dass man unbedingt hören sollte!“

GDS.FM/Caroline Stadelmann

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Cats & Breakkies are four young Berliners with jazz in their hearts and techno in their genes.

With a classical band line-up – e-guitar, bass, drums, keys – they rock an instrumental dj-live-set on stages, floors and festivals anytime. Always danceable to, with courage to elegiac melodies, opulent breaks and rich surfaces, they convince above all by a precise build-up of tension and tonal dimension in their arrangements.

After their debut album organic electro, co-produced with David August, had been released in 2015, they were nominated for the “Bremer Jazzpreis 2016” in the category “Jazz & Electronics”, followed by multiple performances at festivals and clubs, eg. At the Kantine am Berghain, the Tallinn Music Week and the Fusion Festival.

With spectral 2018 they stepped up their game yet again. In ten tracks, which consists of three individual short-sets, they weave artful tonal and metric layers, drill thick disco-boards, deliver perfect build up and drop dramaturgy – and above all in a relaxed way put on immense pressure. Cats & Breakkies, that is elegant, straightforward live-techno from Berlin.


Keys / Johannes Gottschick
Guitar / Benedikt Schnitzler
Bass / Bastian Kaletta
Drums / Raphael Kaletta



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Spectral (2018)

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Cats & Breakkies - Spectral (2018)

Johannes Gottschick (piano & synths)

Benedikt Schnitzler (guitar)

Bastian Kaletta (bass)

Raphael Kaletta (drums)

composed and produced by Cats & Breakkies

recorded, edited and mixed by Johannes Gottschick at Tiny Bay Studios Berlin / mastered by HP Mastering Hamburg

artwork by Cats & Breakkies and Stephanie Scholz

many thanks to Udo Masshoff for lending us his amazing custom built drumset


Organic Electro (2016)

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Cats & Breakkies - Organic Electro (2016)

Johannes Gottschick (piano & synths)

Johannes Steidle (keys & synths)

Benedikt Schnitzler (guitar)

Bastian Kaletta (bass)

Raphael Kaletta (drums)

recorded at Traumton Studios, Berlin // recorded and mixed by Wanja Hüffell, David Nattkemper

mastered by HP Mastering, Hamburg

artwork by Stephanie Scholz



Intelligente Marionette


Official Video




Live @ BiNuu



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