The quartet was founded in the year 2013 and since then has constantly been searching for new creative angles in order to overcome musical borders and break with conventions. As digital as they may sound they couldn't be more analogue, performing with the most classic of all setups: bass, guitar, keys and drums. Cats & Breakkies are not interested in long epic jams, they connect the hypnotizing force of organic electro where every element in their music is exactly there where it is intended to be. Dynamic, hot-blooded and characterful, Cats & Breakkies live up to their reputation in the Berlin club scene.

Last year Cats & Breakkies released their debut album, on which they had the pleasure of working with David August and presented their LP "Organic Electro“ at their showcase at the Kantine im Berghain.

They had great praise and amazing feedback from their largely varying audiences and have acquired a large fan base in Berlin and North Germany. Their performances have been described as highly dynamic, mesmerizing and powerful musical journeys and they were nominated for the "Bremen Jazz Prize 2016" in the category „Jazz & Electronics“. 


Keys / Johannes Gottschick
Guitar / Benedikt Schnitzler
Bass / Bastian Kaletta
Drums / Raphael Kaletta